Plants For Life Guaranteed!

Hire a plant as low as $6.5 per month

The World's First Smart Indoor Plant Waterer

Plants are proven to reduce stress, increase happiness, and not to mention, they make an attractive, inviting addition to any home and offices. The only problem is, taking care of them is proven to be time-consuming and often challenging.

The Goldoon is the world's first smart indoor plant waterer. If you're someone who loves plants but,

  • You often feel too busy to take care of them, or
  • Your office don't have enough budget for the plant's maintenance cost, or
  • You don't want to let the 3rd party to come to your office every couple of days
then, the Goldoon provides you with peace of mind knowing your houseplants are in great hands.

Who Benefits From the Goldoon Automated Plant Watering System?

Stay In Control with the Goldoon Applications

Business Owner

Do you want to incorporate more plants into your office, but you're not sure how to keep them alive?

Home User

Have you ever forgotten to water your plants?


Do you travel often and think your lifestyle won't allow for houseplants?

Interior Designer

Do you design living rooms, kitchens, or offices for your customers with or without any live plants?


Keeping live plants in the buildings with too many visitors everyday will improve the air quality


Live plants improves the creativity and productivity by up to 15%

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3 Liter

Reservoir Capacity


Real-time Status

Low Noise Pump

Less than 40 db

Dedicated Apps

Web Panel, iOS, Android


Fit for 95% of the planters

15 cm (r) x 8 cm (h)

6 in (r) x 3.15 in (h)

45 Days Unobtrusive

With a Single Refill

Save Up To 75%

Maintenance Cost

Pricing Table

12-month Contract 24-month Contract

/ plant / month

  1. 1 Plant
  2. 1 Planter
  3. 1 Goldoon

/ plant / month

  1. 5 Plants
  2. 5 Planters
  3. 5 Goldoons
top sale

/ plant / month

  1. 10 Plants
  2. 10 Planters
  3. 10 Goldoons

/ plant / month

  1. 30 Plants
  2. 30 Planters
  3. 30 Goldoons

The Goldoon Fits Into Your Home And Office Seamlessly

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