self-watering planters near the south window with plenty of sunshine

Top 7 Benefits of Self-Watering Planters

Container gardening is an easy way to grow your favorite plants. However, this gardening method comes with challenges such as under and over-watering. In such a case, the plants are likely to wither due to too much moisture or insufficient water. Fortunately, self-watering planters offer an alternative that prevents this from happening. If you’re yet […]

Florist posing with-bouquet

How to Start an Online Flower Ordering and Delivery Business

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur interested in launching a business of your own, it’s possible to start a business selling flowers online. In fact, there’s a high demand for flower arrangements online and a high level of customer satisfaction. As with any business, it is essential to market your business to the right demographics. You […]

agriculture tractor lawn mower

How to boost your agricultural business in Thailand

4 Tips for More Profits If we take time to examine, the progression of technology in agriculture has created a holistic positive change. Despite these awe-striking developments, why do many farmers still seem to struggle in meeting the standards of a profitable harvest?  The real root of the problems here comes from the things that […]


Food Freedom: Simple Gardening Innovations To Help You Grow Your Own Food

Growing your own food is one of the most rewarding and liberating activities and is an excellent use of your garden. Concern over modern farming methods, food quality, and the environmental impact of importing fruit and vegetables and overuse of packaging materials has led to many embracing the concept of ‘Food Freedom’. But as well […]

grow light led

What Things You Need to Consider While Using the Grow Lights?

Grow lights have been always an aid for the people who maintain the greenhouse in the absence of sun. To some extent, these lights help to keep the plants healthy in the indoor conditions. The heat and the intensity of these grow light helps in their nourishment but if not being used properly can cause […]

glass jars for plants

10 Creative Ideas to Display Your Indoor Plants

As the world is realizing the value of indoor plants, they are also looking for innovative and creative ideas to display them around the house. Here, we will discuss 10 unique and creative ways you can use to display them. We all know plants are responsible for sustaining a lot of life on earth. But […]

office ergonomy

5 Ways to Boost Office Design and Increase Employee Health and Productivity with Ergonomics in Mind

Companies who want to increase employee health and productivity ought to consider designing their workplace with ergonomics in mind. After all, ergonomics is all about making things better, and among its benefits are enhanced comfort, reduced fatigue and injury risk, and increased accuracy and productivity. With that being said, here are five productivity-boosting ways to […]

Monstera Deliciosa Swiss cheese plant

Monstera Deliciosa: a Monster at Home or Office

Monstera Deliciosa is a special kind of plant and its name is contained of two Latin parts. Monstera means a monster that refers to the big leaves of this plant; also Deliciosa means delicious and refers to its fruit which can be eaten. Monstera Deliciosa originated from tropical rainforests in Central America and entered homes […]