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10 Creative Ideas to Display Your Indoor Plants

As the world is realizing the value of indoor plants, they are also looking for innovative and creative ideas to display them around the house. Here, we will discuss 10 unique and creative ways you can use to display them.

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We all know plants are responsible for sustaining a lot of life on earth. But for a long time, they were associated with the outdoors, with people having gardens. However, things have changed since indoor plants have become normal. There are various varieties of indoor plants like indoor plants with flowers, indoor plants with remedial benefits, etc. We bring you 10 creative ideas on how to display indoor plants:

1- Terrariums

Terrariums are one of the most elegant designs for indoor plants décor that you can get. They offer an environment similar to a greenhouse for your indoor plants. You can use any glass structure for your terrarium, like a normal glass jar or even a fish tank. If you want your terrarium to stand out, we recommend you buy some planters which look like little greenhouses of the Victorian style. You can add all sorts of decorations to terrariums like pebbles, figurines, and even pebbles.

2- Conservatory Rooms

While terrariums are small and barely take any space, conservatory rooms are exactly what they sound: rooms for plants that have grown too large to be kept separately, like an indoor palm tree. This is possible for people with an extra room that receives a large amount of sunlight. It can be your little greenhouse. There are a lot of customizations which you can do for this room too.

3- A Wall of Indoor Plants

One of the most ingenious indoor plants interior design ideas, a wall full of indoor plants is capable of filling your house with lots of colour, a new lease of life, and an intriguing finish. You can convert an entire wall into a vertical garden, or just parts of it. You can either make the wall automatically irrigated or just fill it up with pots that you will take care of yourself.

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4- A Garden for Your Bedroom

While most people like ideas that involve indoor plants in the kitchen or the hall, not a lot of people think about putting them in the bedroom. You may spend a lot of time in those places during the day, but these indoor plants can create a tranquil environment for you when you sleep at night. You can buy air purifying ones which will improve the quality of air when you sleep.

5- Plain Glass Jars

While this may not seem like much, simple glass jars make beautiful indoor plant pots. You can see both the plant above and its root below. As is the case with most ranges of home care products, mason jars find a place here too. Among all glass jars, they provide the best look for your indoor plants.

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6- Garden Bed

While garden beds are mostly used for backyards, you can have them set up indoors too. A waist-height bed is ideal for you to easily look after them as well as for them to get good sunlight.

7- A Magical Garden

You can make your fairy garden in a lot of ways. You can buy specially designed pots, you can add tiny accessories like houses and doors, and even add little figures. Seashells, pebbles, flowers, moss, there are various options. You can even add fairy lights to give your garden that magical look when the sky goes dark.

8- Upcycling

Upcycling is the need of the hour. You can upcycle the most random stuff from your house to give new homes to your plants. From old wash bins to rubber boots to used jeans, and everything in between, you can upcycle anything which is spacious enough to give each of them a unique pot of their own.

9- Bathroom Garden

Just like the bedroom, the bathroom is an unusual place to keep them. But with the general humidity of the place, adding a few indoor plants can help you create a beautiful tropical environment. However, you will have to be careful with the ones you choose because most bathrooms don’t get a lot of natural sunlight.

10- Hanging Gardens

You can make one of the seven wonders of the ancient world come to your home by making hanging baskets and pots for your indoor plants. It is one of the best indoor plant ideas for most homes as it makes use of the space which is unused anyway. Glass planters are the best for these gardens. You can add various decorative items to enhance their look.

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While indoor plants are extremely popular among people who love nature, they are also gaining popularity among interior designers as a healthy, organic way of decorating your homes. Do you have indoor plants? Which species do you have? How have you displayed them and how do you take care of them? Let us know in the comments section below.

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