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Snake plant: beautify your office with snake plant

If you are thinking about decorating your office, Sansevieria, also known as snake plant is probably your best choice. Decorating your workplace with some alive, good looking creatures can make you feel better while working in your office and gives everything a fresh vibe. you need a plant that does not require much attention and care. This super stylish, diehard, originally African plant is also called with common names such as mother-in-law’s tongue and devil’s tongue. This plant’s family has many variations but the leaves are normally grow around a growing point. Some types are shorter and some are taller with more pointy leaves. Sansevieria is extremely adapted for living in dry weather, therefore it is a unique choice to make your office more beautiful and give it a fresh look while giving you no troubles taking care of it. 

Why is Sansevieria the best plant for your office?

Sansevieria is one of the best indoor plant in halifaxSnake plant is a beautiful plant

Sansevieria is a beautiful houseplant with greenish-white leaves, unlike many houseplants that can live a long healthy life without daily care. The evergreen pointing leaves can give your office a modern and classy look. they are bold and have a real architectural look. They look good in a pot on the ground or the shelves, if shorter. They can make a great contrast due to their height and shape variations.

It is easy to take care of the Snake plant

These plants can survive almost any condition. Everybody is busy doing daily work in his or her office, it is almost impossible to take care of something else besides work, in the office. Also, no one likes to stay extra hours in his office just to take care of a plant. All said anybody could feel better around a green beautiful fresh plant. If you don’t have time for gardening, you travel a lot or you want to keep your plant safe in the office while you are away for the weekend, Snake plant is the right one for you.

Snake plants are air purifiers

Studies on Clean Air was done by NASA on the purpose of cleaning the air in space station showed some fascinating results on how Sansevieria can filter and clean the air. It found that some plants are capable of removing toxins in the air. Sansevieria can remove benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, and toluene. Sansevieria cleans the oxygen in the night time. This special function can improve the quality of the air you breathe during work hours in your office, so it can give you a more productive time and healthier life.

Sansevieria can be used for Feng shui purposes

Because of the upward growing leaves, it can help you with Feng shui purposes. They can bring good energy to your office. Sansevieria is also known as the money plant (the other one is Pachira Aquatica, commonly known as the money tree). It is believed that Sansevieria brings good luck and money so you’d better have these plants in your office.

modern office snake plant Sansevieria
Sansevieria keeps the air clean

Sansevieria is a remotely inexpensive plant

Once you have a Sansevieria you will never need to buy another one because they are easily propagated. You can easily propagate the theme by leaf cutting. And they don’t need fertilizers so they are cheap to keep.

Sansevieria are highly pest-resistant

They hardly ever get pests. In a really poor condition, they might get mealybugs or spider mites but that doesn’t happen a lot. So this plant won’t make your office dirty and wouldn’t bring desires.

How to take care of Sansevieria?


Sansevieria can survive any level of light. Although they prefer medium light, they can resist a low and high light. You just have to keep your plant out of the direct sun because they can burn easily. It is better to locate the pot in front of a north-facing window or a brighter sunny window with a curtain. However the color of leaves comes out in bright light, the edges could turn yellow due to intense light.

type of snake plants Sansevieria

Sansevieria can grow in medium light


Sansevieria can go with almost any kind of soil and it’s nutrients. Considering that Sansevieria’s root rots easily, you’d better make sure the soil is fast and well-draining. It’s suggested that you use a succulent and cactus mix and potting soil. Chose a low peat soil that does not re-hydrate. The soil pH should be slightly acidic to slightly alkaline.

best soil for snake plant Sansevieria

You should pick dry soil for Sansevieria


It is easy to water a snake plant. You should be careful not to overdo it. Sansevieria will rot out easily if you give it extra water. The soil should be always almost completely dry before watering. You can water the Sansevieria every 2-4 weeks. If your home’s temperature is high you can consider it for the watering. Sansevieria can live at any level of humidity. You can keep it in any condition your office has gotten or just leave Sansevieria on its own while you are on vacation or traveling. You need to reduce watering even down to one time in a month during winter. Don’t forget that overwatering is the number one indoor plant’s killer. You can see how Goldoon, an auto plant watering system can help you to solve this problem.


You don’t need to transplant Sansevieria in short durations. They might even grow better while surrounded in a pot. They might break the pot as a result of growing. This might make you wonder! Sansevieria’s root and rhizomes are pretty powerful. It is suggested that you re-pot your Sansevieria every 2-5 years. If your Sansevieria is growing in a low lighted place, you will have approximately 5-10 years to transplant it.

propagate Sansevieria snake plant

It easy to take care of Sansevieria

If you feel exhausted in your office and need some fresh air or you are tired of the old decoration, you might consider having some plants in your office to give it a new look. There are plenty of choices but you need a plant that does not require much caring, can survive almost any condition, grows in a classy way and does not disturb the modern look in your office. Sansevieria is the one for you for many reasons. It is a diehard houseplant that doesn’t need your attention and care. You can water it once a month and keep it in a medium-light. Sansevieria also purifies the air your breath and brings you a healthier breath.

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