self-watering planters near the south window with plenty of sunshine

Top 7 Benefits of Self-Watering Planters

Container gardening is an easy way to grow your favorite plants. However, this gardening method comes with challenges such as under and over-watering. In such a case, the plants are likely to wither due to too much moisture or insufficient water.

Fortunately, self-watering planters offer an alternative that prevents this from happening. If you’re yet to come across self-watering planters or want to understand why you should invest in them, keep reading to learn their advantages.

What Are Self-Watering Planters?

Self-watering planters come with two parts—an inner container that holds the soil and the plant and an outer container that holds water. The wick joins these two containers, and the root balls pull water whenever necessary. A self-watering planter provides the plant with adequate water for several days.

self watering planters in 4 sizes and shapes

What Are The Benefits of Self-Watering Planters?

Unlike traditional planters that require an owner to water the plants regularly, self-watering planters don’t require daily attention. They come with the following benefits:

  • Water Conservation

Many people are yet to understand how self watering pots work, especially when it comes to conserving water. These pots are connected to a water level indicator that rises and falls depending on the water level.

With the help of the soil cover over the reservoir, it becomes challenging for water to evaporate quickly. Additionally, these planters ensure slow water release, eliminating the need to drain excess water as typical planters do. Self-watering planters conserve water since they ensure that only the required water is used.

  • Nutrient Retention

When watering plants on a traditional planter, the nutrients in the soil are slowly washed away by the flowing water. As a result, you have to add organic matter from time to time. Otherwise, the plants might not be as healthy as you’d want.

Fortunately, self-watering planters remove this need because their closed system doesn’t allow the nutrients to go down the drain. As already stated, the water is retained in a different container, meaning the nutrients are retained too. When the plant’s roots draw the water, they also draw the nutrients in it.

  • Space Compatibility

Most people love the idea of having fresh plants within their properties. However, only a few live in this reality, primarily due to limited space or lack of outside gardens.

Fortunately, self-watering planters have come to make things easy. They don’t allow the water to flow from the reservoir; hence, you can use them to grow indoor plants without worrying about dealing with a watery mess. Therefore, if you love growing plants but don’t have an outdoor garden, you can easily make one inside your home using these planters.

  • Healthy Root Growth

For roots to be healthy, they require adequate watering. Nevertheless, watering sometimes results in water stagnation that might cause the roots to rot, especially if you’re using conventional planters.

Luckily, with self-watering planters, you don’t have to worry about water stagnation or root rot. Self-watering planters enable the roots to draw enough water at every stage, promoting healthy root growth. With such planters, you won’t over or under-water your plants; hence, they’ll always be healthy.

  • Convenience

Once you’ve supplied a self-watering planter with enough water, it can go for days without requiring more water. This is mainly because the water doesn’t evaporate quickly.

With that in mind, it’s evident that self-watering planters offer unbeatable convenience. This is especially true for homeowners who are always traveling and wouldn’t want their plants dying due to lack of water.

  • Delicate Species Protection

Some plants thrive under certain conditions and require a particular water dosage. If this dosage is interfered with, the plants are likely to die. If you grow such plants within your property, you might need to take advantage of self-watering planters. These planters ensure a steady water supply directly to the soil, removing the threat to your delicate or exotic species.

  • Unique Beauty

Besides being ideal for any plant, self watering planters are beautiful and can increase your property’s value. These planters can be set anywhere on your property—outdoors or indoors. If you’re looking for ways to add beauty to your property, you might need to invest in self-watering planters.

Self-watering planters don’t require constant help to water plants since they can do so at their pace. As a result, plants grow healthy without the risk of water stagnation. These planters are also beautiful and ideal for any space. If you’re looking forward to elevating your gardening, you might want to try self-watering planters and live the experience.