Using Goldoon Technology to Manage Your Plants Smarter

A product developed by Deprolabs, the Goldoon is a smart device that’s designed to automate the plant watering process.

The Goldoon:

  • Is a round-shaped reservoir that senses water levels and pumps water to give your plant the perfect amount of moisture.
  • Holds three litres of water, managing to water your plants without maintenance for 30-45 days (depending on the plants’ size).
  • Uses a quiet water pump that’s non-disruptive.
  • Is connected to the internet using WiFi, allowing you to monitor your plants’ water and health levels.
  • Sits under your plant, making it easy to select attractive planters to match your decor or keep the ones you already have.

The most exciting aspect of the Goldoon? The device helps offices save up to 75% on plant maintenance costs. 

Providing You With the Best Indoor Plants

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Live Plants

Making your office space a jungle-like oasis is simple with Deprolabs. We take care of beautifying your office from start to finish by bringing in plants ourselves and caring for them through our subscription service.