Our Story

Let’s throw it back to 2016, when Majid and Shabnam (Deprolabs founders) took off to visit their family overseas for a month. Having tons of plants (over 20!) at home, Majid and Shabnam needed to find someone reliable to maintain their plants and keep them happy while they were gone.

Thinking it would be a simple request, Majid asked his friend to drop in and water the plants based on written instructions. Plant lovers know that each type of plant requires a different watering schedule, which can make things difficult when you’re asking someone to tend to your greens. Two weeks into Majid and Shabnam’s trip, they heard from their friend that he had to fly out for a conference and was going to ask a mutual friend to watch the plants. Thinking it wasn’t a big deal, Majid and Shabnam thanked him and agreed.

Upon returning from their trip, Majid and Shabnam found their plants’ soil was completely soaked! While it was very kind of their friend to care for their plants, they didn’t receive the instruction, and watered the plants every single day. Overwatering is a top killer of houseplants. Majid and Shabnam had a bunch of dead plants due to overwatering.

After this mishap, Majid spent lots of time looking for technology solutions for plant care. Finding there was nothing available on the market, the idea for Deprolabs and the Goldoon device was born.